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National Human Rights Institutions Forum
An international forum for researchers and practitioners in the field of national
human rights institutions. At this site you will find:
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10th International Conference of NHRIs "Business and Human Rights" - Edinburgh, Scotland, 7-10 October 2010 click here HRC Commemorative
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Human Rights Day 2009 Click here

Durban Review Conference Geneva 2009
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NEW:OHCHR-UNDP Toolkit for Collaboration with NHRI
NEW: Torture Prevention Manual
NEW:ICC Brochure
NEW:Edinburgh Declaration
NEW: NHRIs Info Note No. 21
NEW:15th Session of the HRC - Info Note
NEW: High Commissioner Message for NHRI

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  International Coordinating Committee ( ICC)
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A detailed questionnaire was developed and sent out to NHRIs worldwide in January 2009.  Over 60 responses were received from NHRIs from all continents, mostly from A status NHRIs (46). The results of the survey as well as specific findings and recommendations are reflected in the report, which is intended as a tool for better identifying priority needs of NHRIs that could be addressed by OHCHR, UNDP, UNCTs as well as Regional Coordinating Bodies of NHRIs. Comments and suggestions on the survey would be most appreciated.


NEW:The next session of the ICC Sub-Committee on Accreditation will take place from 23-27 May 2011, in Geneva, Switzerland.
The following NHRIs will be reviewed by the Sub-Committee at this session: 
§New Applications: Argentina (Defensoría General de la Nación), Bangladesh, Hungary, Romania and Sweden 
§Re-Accreditation: Australia, Austria, Canada, El Salvador, India, Mauritania, Namibia, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Northern Ireland, Norway and Senegal 
§ Special Reviews: Azerbaijan, Nigeria and Slovakia Applicant institutions are asked to review the Compilation of the Rules and Working Methods of the ICC Sub-Committee on Accreditation and to take note of the following deadlines: 
The 10th International Conference of NHRIs on the theme of "Business and Human Rights" will take place in Scotland from 7 - 10 October 2010.             


23rd ICC Annual Session 23-25 March 2010
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